Career Support Services Enrollment Summary

The I-EXCEL Program is an approved vendor for the California Department of Rehabilitation. Our program modules teach all youth, starting at age four, how to properly transition into the career world with the support of the I-EXCEL Program.  The I-EXCEL Program has a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark office.

This proprietary technology allows the approval and evidence to train, based on the future. The I-EXCEL Program has been rated as one of the most advanced Career Readiness Programs available. Connecting students of all ages to compatible industries and careers is how the I-EXCEL Program has developed such a strong presence. The I-EXCEL Special Education Support Program combines our proprietary software with learning and locates a skill for clients that can be transformed into a part time job. The I-EXCEL Program is committed to helping people with various disabilities to find meaning careers.

Cost to Participate

The I-EXCEL Program looks at all students as the one rare seed that can change our world. We utilize internal funds to identify ways to improve operations to reduce overhead expense to better serve all students.

The I-EXCEL Program began with providing students with career services and has developed a track record for providing a minimum of eight workshops that bridge the gap in career support services. The technology used online, teaches students how to locate compatible careers, utilizing all resources available.

These modules teach how technology works by showcases interviewing techniques, as well. Once training is completed, each participant receives a certificate for Administrative Paperwork Processing.

Occupational Training is available to qualified students, no matter how severe their disability may be. Qualified I-EXCEL Program staff can assist with in-home career support services.

Services offered through the I-EXCEL Program for students may be exempt, and a student may not be required to pay for those services. Organizations that purchase the I-EXCEL Program, generally covers the general student population.

Order of Selection                     

The I-EXCEL Program selects eligible schools based on their student success transition statistics. The I-EXCEL Program also selects independent organizations to fulfil its mission. Upon completion of the student or organization application, the approval and coordination process begins.

Moderate training is provided for staff to engage with students based on their career preference. This approach can be identified as, “Community Assurance of Student Success.” Addressing career preferences and identifying core issues related to workforce readiness, helps the student to perform the essential job duties needed to fulfil the position.  

The I-EXCEL Program utilizes ELISID Jobs Authentic Search Engine to identify qualified businesses by industry who hire directly. This process allows each student to successfully identify public and private businesses that participate in direct hire practices.

Job Retention Services

I-EXCEL Program provides job retention services to all students. Each I-EXCEL Representative can be verified by simply calling (866)528–8586. The I-EXCEL Representative conducts local workshops and randomly promotes the, “Flyer for Hire” that lists several businesses hiring directly. This helps the applicant apply with multiple businesses based on their industry preference. This segment of the I-EXCEL Program provides eligible students who require specific services or equipment to keep their job. This includes one on one training and additional modified training that assists the applicant with accepting a technology based position that is vital to the business.

Am I Eligible for I-EXCEL Program Services?

You may be eligible for the I-EXCEL Program. You are required to complete all modules and:

  • Your physical or mental disability must not interfere with your ability to become employed, and
  • The I-EXCEL Magazine is highly recommended to help any applicant find or keep a suitable employment.

If you currently receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for a disability, you are presumed eligible for the I-EXCEL Program services if you plan to become employed.

ELISID Freedom Foundation is a vendor of the California Department of Rehabilitation.

The I-EXCEL Program was designed by ELISID Freedom Foundation. For additional information or support contact or call (866)528–8586. 

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