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Customized Career Readiness Workshops 

  • Mentor Career Readiness Workshops
  • Direct Hire Searching
  • Guidance for Parents
  • Online Supportive Tools
  • Industry Preference and its benefits
  • Industry trends
  • Starting value 30

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ELISID Freedom Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization. Our mission is to assist disadvantaged, at-risk youth and adults in our local and surrounding community by providing opportunities through educational tools that will allow them to be successful in and outside of the classroom, in the workplace, and in the financial arena. Our focus is on providing educational support that will foster advance education opportunities, thereby enhancing employment research tools that truly match their future career goals. Knowing that collaborative efforts are needed to succeed, we partner with community based organizations that effectively broaden our strength building foundation for all participants.

I EXCEL Magazine Program Description

The I EXCEL Program is committed to the successful transition of both youth and adults from impoverished to gainfully employed, and was created as an alternative to the traditional staffing organizations and on-line job search agents, to provide a market-based solution to brokering jobs for the disadvantaged.

Our solution is a creative, cost-effective and efficient vehicle to connect people with barriers to jobs. We assist in reducing the national unemployment rate and combating poverty for the economically disadvantaged within the communities we serve. We provide innovative strategies that enable low-skill, low-income job seekers to enter the labor market. Our new model of employment services meets the needs of direct hire employers by aligning clients with compatible careers.

The "I-EXCEL" Program utilizes I EXCEL Magazine and as an additional resource offered as an educational support assessment tool that aids the applicant in locating resources specific to their career choice. Applicants enroll on-line with the support of a program coordinator. The coordinator assists the applicant in applying via direct hire opportunities within a 35 mile radius from their desired zip code.